Music By The Night On Caye Caulker

One of the joys of our island is the music that seems be happening every night.  If you are coming on a vacation it is worth planning some of our trip around seeing some of these artists playing.  I thought I might go day by day and just give you some of the stuff you can catch.

I have given my personal choice for each day and then also mentioned other artists playing that you might want to check out.


On Monday nights, you want to head down to Oasi Wine Bar and enjoy the acoustic guitar of Tommy.  His music spans from Neil Young to Michael Jackson (yes I know but it works for this guy).  The music starts at about 7:00 pm and it goes to about 9:30 pm.  Oasi is a great place to enjoy a drink and a snack (their bruschetta is amazing) but if you want a full meal you might want to eat early and head to the show.

Also performing on Monday nights:

Luis Amaurys plays at Habaneros.


On Tuesday night Valentino plays by himself at the Sports Bar.  The show starts at 6:00 pm and goes till 9'ish.  This guitar/vocalist is a local boy who has amazing talent.  A nice way to spend a Saturday evening. 

Also performing on Tuesday nights:

Loubob plays at Habaneros.

Greg Lindland plays at Il Pellicano's



On Wednesday night Luis Amaurys plays his guitar at Oasi.  Amaurys is a Cuban artist that not only plays the guitar but also builds them.  His show starts at 7:30 pm and goes till about 9:30 pm.  You will usually find a number of the local neighbors (like my wife and I) at the show enjoying a glass of wine and visiting with Lucianna (the owner of Oasi) and Michael (Lucianna's husband).  

Also performing on Wednesday nights:

Loubob plays at Habaneros.


On Thursday night (Starting around 7:00 pm) Greg Lindland plays and sings at Southside Pizza on the island.  This guys voice is a cross between James Taylor and Neil Young.  You can expect smooth, classic rock and roll when this guy is playing and it goes great with the amazing pizza at Southside.

Also performing on Thursday nights:



Everybody who is anybody comes to the "Jam" on Friday.  It is unfair to say Friday night because the show starts at 4:00 pm and goes till 7:00.  There is a core band that makes up the jam but everyone is invited to contribute to the show.  We have seen everything from flutes to cellos playing on Friday night and all of them make the show unique.  This is also a great place to come meet the folks that have decided to make this island their home (like us).

Also performing on Friday nights:

Pablo plays at Oasi

Greg Lindland plays at Il Pellicano's


Saturday nights belongs to Tommy and Habaneros.  Let me just say that I think Habaneros is one of the best restaurants on our island and Tommy is one of the best entertainers.  When you put them together on a Saturday night you have a winning combination.  If you're on the island on a Saturday night plan on a great meal and a great show around 7:00 pm, but please make reservations.    

Reggae Band plays at Southside Pizza

Also performing on Saturday nights:

Valentino plays at Sip and Dip


On Sunday afternoon (between 1:00 pm and 5:00 pm) Barry and the islanders play at the Lazy Lizard.  These guys play a mixture of reggae and rap.  Not a bad place to spend a Sunday afternoon while you enjoy a beer.

Also performing on Sunday nights:

Greg Lindland plays at Il Pellicano's